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The South African building and mining industries and some Government organisations know that there are ‘perfect’ wooden poles and there are, well just, ‘wooden poles!’ Anyone in fact who is looking to purchase wooden poles for any of their many applications, like transmission poles, building poles, mining and poles for fencing and furniture, to name a few, need to look out for a few things that can re-assure them that they are buying the right thing from the right supplier ..so they won’t be left clinging on to a defective pole as they are being sold ‘down the river!’

To assist you here are 5 ‘C’s to make you smile, when buying wooden poles…

1) Compliance – It’s important to remember that, particularly in the case of transmission and building poles, there are certain specifications required by law to ensure wooden poles are up to approved standards. To ensure you are compliant you need to use a reliable supplier of wooden poles. One of South Africa’s preferred suppliers for example Brits poles SA, supply only transmission and building poles treated with either CCA or creosote and all transmission poles are treated to SANS 754 standards – and marked as such as an additional quality assurance to the customer.

2) Cost – One of the main reasons that wooden poles are chosen about their steel counterparts is for cost saving. Once again ensure that you are getting a good price for a quality product by using a reputable supplier. Make sure the prices you are charged are complete and there are no hidden charges or surprises!

3) Convenience – Hook up with a supplier that has a lot of functional expertise and knowledge of the various wooden pole products, so you can be well advised on buying the right poles. Also a supplier that has a good range of hardware, giving you more options regarding cost and quality …and finally a company like Brits Poles SA who offer the additional convenience of your being able to order online and receive a quote within a couple of days.

4) Credibility – Your wood suppliers need to be credible and have accreditation with the right organisations. Brits Poles SA ‘s accreditation credentials include R.E.A.D (Rural, Environment and Agricultural Development) and SANAS (South African National Accreditation System).

5) Contact – We may not be the only supplier of wooden poles in South Africa but Brits Poles SA’s track record of satisfied customers goes right back to our humble beginnings in 1996 and now we are preferred suppliers both locally and abroad. If these 5 ways to make you smile when buying wooden poles have helped you, please contact us to learn more and find out why our motto is ‘Our poles – your success!