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If you are a lover of wood – and there are many reasons to be – it is long lasting, environmentally friendly as a recyclable material …and just far more beautiful than cold steel …then you’ll feel it has a warmth and romance about it that really can’t be matched by metal …but what about wooden poles?

You’ve seen those wooden poles along the roadside in many areas…so have you ever wondered about their other possible uses? Well this article takes a look at just a few pertinent applications of perfect wooden poles. The main thing is to ensure they are ‘perfect’ wooden poles though …and the article offers a few words of caution and a ‘perfect’ solution in the summary!

Transmission poles – Probably the commonest use in many areas would be those transmission poles that you see stretching for miles along highways and of course streets of urban areas. These are the columns or posts that are used to support power lines and various other utilities, such as cable, fibre optic cable and related other equipment like transformers and street lights. Those wishing to purchase wooden poles for this purpose need to be aware that they should be sourced from reliable wooden pole suppliers, as there are certain specifications that have to be complied with.

Building – There are many uses for beautiful strong wooden poles when applied to building. In the USA and particularly in places like Canada, where wood is freely available, most homes are built of wood and this is catching on, mostlyy due to cost factors, as a worldwide trend wherever wood is grown and manufactured. Beautiful wooden homes, thatch roofing, garden sheds and various types of flooring and ceilings are just a few of the building applications. The building poles should however undergo either CCA or creosote treatment and again should be obtained only from reputable suppliers.

Fencing – Wooden poles are a favourite when it comes to fencing in many forms …and so much more attractive than most metal counterparts. Just a few applications are game, cattle and security fencing, paddocks, droppers and laths and posts and rail fencing.

Furniture and decor – Other applications are garden and patio furniture of course …and what about those great bar room tables too? Playgrounds, garden edging, trellis and vineyard posts are a few more ideal applications. If you want to get great decor ideas for wooden poles too, just go to a site like ‘Pinterest’ to find amazing ways that all kinds of wooden poles are used in the home!

Summary – the perfect solution to the perfect wooden pole – Ensure the poles you use comply with what we have cautioned throughout …and this is easily accomplished by ensuring you purchase them from reputable suppliers who are experts in their field. Brits poles S.A are highly recommended suppliers to the building industry, both locally and internationally. Contact us to learn more and find out why we are the ‘preferred suppliers of the perfect pole!’