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In the interests of helping buyers of treated poles, we believe we need to have a few solid reasons to convince people that our particular business, Brits Poles SA, should be positioned as one of the nation’s top suppliers of treated poles.

What makes one company better than the other? …this is a question that is often posed, but we believe there is something different in the whole ethos of our business – the very way we think and do business, sets us apart from the rest – so here are the 4 pillars that positon us as preferred poles suppliers….

  • We have a vision – and we’re on a mission to please! – It’s our vision to differentiate ourselves from competitors and be recognised by our customers as leaders in the timber industry through excelling in reliable service. Our mission is to fully satisfy our client’s timber needs and encourage a spirit of partnership with both customers and suppliers.


  • Service and management put us in a league of our own – We have established impeccable relationships with clients and suppliers over an extended period through superior service. Our management expertise and unique management style provide every client with personalised, individual attention so that every client’s unique business needs are met.


  • A simple, but effective management philosophy – Client relationships are the key to our success! We thrive in a competitive, dynamic environment and by supplying them with superior products, we assist our clients and stakeholders to do the same. Since the inception of the business, Brits Poles’ management focus has always been to establish and maintain a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with both clients and suppliers.


  • We undertake to deliver and be held accountable – An evolving brand with strong roots that will be around for many years to come, Brits Poles build loyal, trusted business partners through our unique service delivery practices and application standards. Unlike many other competitor treatment plants and businesses in the timber industry, we work together as an effective team, with a special passion and integrity that ensures full accountability for everything we deliver. Brits Poles products are always delivered in an acceptable form and format, fully in accordance with our client expectations!


We hope these 4 pillars that positon us as preferred poles suppliers have convinced you to partner with us as your preferred poles suppliers going forward!

Brits Poles SA (PTY) LTD are manufacturers of treated and untreated poles, mining timber and hardware products in the building industry and have served in both the domestic and international sectors since 1996. Contact us to learn more and start talking about your specific poles requirements.