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Compliance is a pretty big issue when it comes to the use of wooden poles, in particular transmission poles – and in fact there are some rigid requirements regarding the usage of wooden poles in general. We thought it may be helpful to our clients and perspective customers to know how to be fully compliant when using wooden poles.

Well the short answer is whether you need treated poles or to have your wooden poles treated, you need to purchase these from, or partner with, experts in this field. The reason is that good wooden poles suppliers have to adhere to certain standards of compliance and have certain affiliations in order to be considered as eligible to be suppliers or treaters of such products.

Just a few of these aspects of industry compliance are:

  • Transmission poles need to be treated according to SANS 754 standards and clearly marked as such in order to ensure that the customer is ensured of quality
  • Transmission poles, in order to comply with industry standards, need to go through an incredibly strict grading and treating process and pressure treated with creosote or CCA
  • Governments and municipalities mainly use transmission poles for power lines and telecommunication. Certain standards of quality and dimensions are required. Brits poles, one of South Africa’s premier suppliers and treaters of these poles, supply in dimensions from 2m – 15m – with a diameter of 80mm – 240mm.
  • To be registered as an exporter one needs to be (SADC) approved
  • For the treatment of these poles a company needs to have an ISO compliant accredited treatment plant

It’s plain to see that the compliance specifications are extensive, so it it’s advisable to be dealing with a company like Brits poles, who not only comply with all the above, but have the following accreditations:

  • With READ – (Rural, Environment and Agricultural Development) for their ‘Atmospheric Emission certificate.’ Section 21 of the NEM:AQA requires the Minister to publish a list of activities which result in atmospheric emissions and to establish minimum emissions standards in respect of a substance or mixture of substances resulting from those listed activities
  • The South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) is the only national body responsible for carrying out accreditations in respect of conformity assessment,
  • A ‘Certificate of membership’ with The South African Wood Preservers Association (SAWPA) which confirms that their products are environmentally friendly and safe in the general use of it, for both humans or animals.

If you’re still not totally convinced that purchasing from and partnering with Brits Poles SA is how to be fully compliant when using wooden poles, then know that until recently they were the only plant that voluntarily complied with the SABS 10255, a standard aimed at the improvement of the occupational health and safety of plant personnel and the prevention of environmental contamination around timber treatment plants.

Brits Poles is also the only Pole Treatment company that agreed to be inspected twice a month by the SATAS inspectors to ensure quality and standards are adhered to and enforced and applicable. The condition is one audit per annum.

Why not be fully compliant? …just contact us today to learn more.