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Many people wonder when they see wooden poles if their steel counterparts wouldn’t have been a better choice. Transmission poles just for one thing, seen stretching across the length and breadth of this nation are generally solid wooden poles supplied by reliable wooden poles suppliers like Brits poles SA, who understand all the compliance issues and deliver a superior product ….but what about wooden poles for all number of purposes in general? Well, we believe that wooden poles are better in many ways but here are just a few good reasons why wooden poles are better

They last longer! – Wooden poles can serve for 40 to 80 years – as opposed to the 35 to 50 year lifespan of their steel counterparts, which are affected by corrosion from acid or saline soil, climate, scraping, denting, fire, sand snow and dirt blown by wind. Concrete poles too suffer from climate erosion and are subject to the quality of the concrete.

They store better – and cost less to transport! – Wood is light and tough, making it easy for haulage even in rough terrain. Wooden poles also don’t need any special packaging for transportation! They withstand handling and surface damage well too, whereas the galvanized coating of a steel pole is so thin they can be easy damaged. If they are correctly stacked, wooden poles need 50% less storage space of steel or concrete poles. Concrete poles are also easily damaged and don’t handle well.

They save on costs – Fewer wood transmission poles are needed per kilometre because of their higher working load, which naturally means lower costs. They can be planted directly into holes in the ground without needing concrete foundations and expensive collars or flanges to prevent corrosion. They are also lighter and don’t conduct electricity, so costs of hoisting by cranes and earthing are also saved!

…and many more – Just a few more benefits are – It is easy to machine wooden poles according to customer’s requirements for markings and pre-drilling – Creosote coated poles suffer less fire damage – Wooden poles are easy to remove and re-use, whereas steel poles may be re-used only after a treatment in a workshop – and of vital importance is that they are environmentally friendly! They come from managed forests which are a renewable source and are obviously easily recyclable.

Little wonder then that we at Brit’s Poles SA are very proud of the product we create and supply. We hope these few good reasons why wooden poles are better have convinced you that whatever your application, there is a good chance that you need to be talking to us! Please do – Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and learn about all the variations of wood we supply and why we are rated as S.As premier suppliers of Timber and Hardware products to the building industry.